I'm a cognitive scientist with a wide range of interests, currently focusing my work on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics.

I'm currently a PhD student at the Interdisciplinary Graduate School, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), in Singapore. Before that, I was a research associate in the Computational Linguistics Lab, Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, also at NTU. I'm a member of DELPH-IN, sharing the communal commitment of open-source development of NLP tools for high quality (linguistically motivated) syntactic and semantic parsing. And I'm also a member of the Global Wordnet Association, contributing to open-source research on computational lexical semantics.

I have a broad range of research interests, including Parsing and Generation, Computational Lexicography, Computer Assisted Language Learning, Word Sense Disambiguation, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Translation, as well as general Mandarin Chinese and Japanese Linguistics.

The main focus of my research is to model diverse aspects of linguistic knowledge so they can be applied to different AI tasks (e.g. Sentiment Analysis, Word Sense Disambiguation, Machine Translation, Computer Assisted Language Learning, etc). I work mainly with English and Mandarin Chinese, but I've also worked with other languages such as Japanese, Portuguese, Kristang, Cantonese, Coptic, Indonesian and Abui.

For more detail about my work, you can click here to see a list of some of my current and previous projects.